About us

We are Gosia & Maria, polish and portuguese friends who met a few years back in Madrid. Our passion started when we became mums and discovering fun and ethically manufactured clothes for our girls turned into our shared hobby.

Our friendship was built around our kids, holding a take-away coffee while watching them play together; inevitably, as fashion lovers ourselves, discussing unique brands and browsing cool clothing for our kids was a central part of our daily chit-chat. And so, in one of our cloth hunting exchanges, the idea of PetitExplorers was born as the online shop to make our favorite brands available to mums and dads who believe in their kids' uniqueness.

As it's not always the case that good friends are into the same stuff, we consider ourselves lucky :-)

We see childhood as a magical time when you can day-dream freely, living adventures that inadvertently mark your life and create countless life-time memories. We believe in stimulating our kids learning through exploration and fun, and that playing and getting dirty is not at odds with unique, fashionable, durable and environmentally-friendly clothing.

That’s why in our store, we want to make bold yet beautifully classy pieces more available to mums and dads alike, made by organic, small sustainable brands.

We hope you will love our store as much as we do! Dziękuję! Obrigada!

Gosia and Maria